Saturday, November 14, 2009

Change My Wallpaper

Nothing much to say..
Just to announce..
I already change my wallpaper on my HP..
Some of my friend frequently ask..
"sampai bila ko nak simpan wallpaper ni?"..

To those who read my wallpaper..
and feel offended..
I'm sorry..
No offense to you all..
But,it just some sort of "evil" that always playing in my minds..
Thats what I called "HATE"..

As time passing by..
I learn how to control this "wolve"..
I don't want they keep breeding..
I don't want feed them..
I'm afraid one day..
This wolves will take over my mind and my soul..
Because it happens before..
I lost my control over it..
I want no more..

There's a time and a place and a reason..
And I know i got a "LOVE" to believe in..
I don't know how to win this battle..

I need love from God..
I neeed support from my friends..
I need strength from myself..
All I know..
It hurts when these wolves collide..

~"Jadikanlah solat dan sabar sebagai penolongmu. Dan sesunnguhnya yang demikian amatlah berat kecuali orang-orang yang khusyuk~Al Baqarah-45


  1. bagusla da pulih, jgn koyakkn org len plak...

  2. simpang-x kn nk koyakkn org plak..insyaaallah aq x kn wat
    yard-x reti r design..seriusly..huhu

  3. grammatical error!!!
    English B Standard Level

  4. x kesah ngn gramer..yg pntg isi..
    poyo x?..haha